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Telesales Lead Generation

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Telesales Lead Generation

Effectiveness of Cold Calling Scripts

Cold calling scripts have become the norm these days for sales people who use remote channels like telephone. Even seasoned sales people depend on cold calling scriptsfor an easy starting point for lead generation.

Even the smartest of conservationists can get jitters when all you get is your 15 seconds on the phone. You don’t know if you have called the prospective customer at the right time or not. And you need to make the positive impression about your product or service, and possibly create an interest. Trying to be original every time and coming up with impromptu introductory sentences can prove disastrous. A well thought and creatively written cold calling script can give you the confidence and ease through your first few moments.

Having good and tested calling scripts aren’t enough. You should be able to ‘speak’ it and not ‘read it out’. It is imperative to sound natural and while being fluent. Be reactive to the customer and have the presence of mind to go beyond the script, if needed.

Why don’t Cold Calling Scripts work all the time?

Unlike the earlier times, the customers are less receptive of sales calls. The number of leads generated is declining and there is a need to be more innovative in remote selling. Most of the times, cold scripts are easily identifiable and can put off the listener with its formal tone. If the calls are made without an initial screening to identify the prospective customers, that valuable ‘yes’ can become very elusive.

People can be really rude with sales calls. Even with an impressive cold calling script, it depends on the sales person to actually get an appointment. It will take dozens of futile conversations to get one or two real leads.


Cold calling scripts are effective in getting the conversation started. With some good imagination, these scripts can help a smart sales person. But more often than not these scripts turn out to be impersonal and unnatural. This can immediately spring the ‘sales person’ stereotype to the listeners mind and dampen his interest. Scripts have definitely helped the tele callers for years. But with the advent of internet, many marketers are finding internet lead generation to be more effective with less impact on the budget.

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