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Lead Generation System

November 30th, 2009 No comments

Lead Generation System
My theory is the human race will become less of advances in technology?

I was talking to someone you think people today.Do will weaken in the future due to major advances in the technology, because people will not be so dependent on cash to complete the task, requiring strength, such as adequate food resources rather than food supermarkets, rather like the game, the robots in the near future to perform tasks that would have required strength before etc.The with major advances in medicine going to create a weak race, which should give the children died at birth, live, as the next generation will spend the same inecitable characteristics leads to a weaker race more delicate and prone to disease and make Imune systems that are increasingly dependent on drugs, the next generation As we continue to use and be more of a burden then a help. Theory PS I would not mind hearing what other people are in this??

There is some risk for him. The trend tends to deteriorate over time the features become less important for survival, and physical strength, it certainly can.

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