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Lead Generation Campaign

November 30th, 2009 No comments

Lead Generation Campaign
Wow, Hillary is going to lose b / c of his campaign managers wrong!?

Seriously, who spends his campaign? I just heard on MSNBC that his campaign I think it will actually negative in Wisconsin helped? Unless I'm mistaken, the polls show that Barack Obama was a .. slight lead of about 4 points. The same day was negative .. his lead increased to 13pt in the survey. They do not understand? She should understand that going negative is not where she wants to go .. Obama can easily put the "same OL political game "talk with your Shun off. Wow, Hillary needs to fire their managers .. He missed the entire target .. which makes me wonder if we really and understand what this generation needs …

Let see, change the two key staff members of the campaign and still lost big. Lost a state that had the demographics that usually dominates. There must be something else, maybe, just maybe, would this be? His lack of ethics, lack of integrity.

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