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Sales Leads Generation

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Sales Leads Generation

How do you generate sales with direct mail B2B
when your product is not only new but also changes

I mean the challenge facing
Steve, a subscriber to Direct B2B Alan Sharpe
newsletter. These are challenging Steve,
words, followed by my recommendations.

 "I have two perspectives I B2B
to initiate marketing. I am a representative of Amsoil
Synthetic lubricants and I am the owner
rel = "nofollow" href = "http://www.Bestsynlubes.com"> http://www.Bestsynlubes.com website. My main obstacle
prospects will start to realize that
Standard 3000 miles oil change interval is about to
obsolete. With Amsoil you can safely extend
drain intervals to 25,000 miles or 1

 "My two perspectives are commercial accounts (end
users of the product) and retail accounts (which
Amsoil AMSOIL buy and sell directly
the public). How I meet potential
prospects as an authority on synthetic lubricants?
How can I get prospects to start
think outside the box 3000 miles? How would I go
about the prospects can see there is a viable solution
business opportunity with Amsoil? And most
important to see how he could get prospects to take a
interest in this subject that push down
Road to the extensive research on their own idea about
AMSOIL and more importantly, why they should choose
Bestsynlubes.com as his representative. Thanks for
your thoughts on this question. I look forward to your
newsletters were a great Help. "

My recommendations:

P. 1. How do I find potential
as an authority on synthetic lubricants?

A. The surest way to become an authority on any
the area is to specialize in this sector alone. When
write books, lecture, teach seminars, write articles
and consult on an issue narrow, prospects and clients
perceived as an expert. If you are not yet
Guru synthetic lubricants, we recommend that
Authorization Status Borrowing from AMSOIL, your employer
Through its investigation, the industry and style to your
advantage. Give your customers and prospects of research
and added value of information that their competitors
not provide. The shortest path to guru status is
write a book. The most fast is close to publishing a
weekly email newsletter or to be published regularly
in the press.

P. 2. How I take to get Outlook
start thinking outside the box of 3,000 miles?

R. I do not know enough about their market
give advice immutable IÂ'd but follow these steps.
Reach early adopters and get your message
to try to champion their product
others. Free offer for lubricant to be tested.
Create a publicity stunt to illustrate the
the superiority of their product. Invite the media business
cover their stunt.

P. 3. How can I do to get prospects
is a viable commercial opportunity, with

A. present their product to end users, such as money
opportunity to save money and retailers like money
making opportunity. Focusing all its features,
benefits, testimony and other evidence in both
sales proposals.

P. 4. And most importantly, how can I get

interested in this subject and driving
them on the road to do extensive research on
AMSOIL in themselves and most importantly, why what
which must elect their Bestsynlubes.com

A. I would not do anything that promotes
prospects think they have to be extended "Â
research on its own. "Instead, I suggest to all
the facts and research you need to make a
decision informed. take the decision without effort
as possible.

Regarding the role of B2B direct mail in all that
Could be used to:

  • Generate leads for your sales force
  • generate traffic to your booth
  • Buyers to your website for free papers and research papers White
  • introduce the product to existing customers
  • inviting customers to its launch event, where you move around a Ford Model T running on the new lubricant
  • persuade prospects to invite you to the site to demonstrate its value proposition
  • Survey to test the new lubricant

About the author

Alan Sharpe is a business-to-business direct mail copywriter and lead generation specialist who helps business owners and marketing managers generate leads, close sales and retain customers using business-to-business direct mail marketing. Learn more about his creative direct mail writing services and sign up for free weekly tips like this at http://www.sharpecopy.com [http://www.sharpecopy.com/newsletter]

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