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Sale Lead Generation

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Sale Lead Generation
How do I find potential customers to offer my service Call Center?

Located in the heart of Mumbai, India, area with 200 seats the call center employees who speak English as their first language. We offer customer service Inbound, Outbound Sales. Appointment setting, lead generation, heat transfers, debt recovery, health care data entry of claims management and employment. Basically, help us all and medium companies reduce their costs.

You can do one of two things mentioned below 1> passed sales team in India and sales consultants in the United USA. 2> Use SEO and B2B telemarketing to generate leads. 3> is always preferable to use U.S. sales of an uncle close deals. In a month or two, you have the list of people interested in your service. You can also use the services of Elance. vendorseek.com and COM, they charge a fixed price beforehand. And if you have experience in production loan modification lead or contact leads debt http://www.mkscope.com

lead generation, sales, and autoresponders. Simplify process

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