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Prospecting Lead Generation

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Prospecting Lead Generation

DMER Direct mail is useless?

Direct mail is useless to help companies direct mail
generate leads?

That is the question I asked last week for a
Reader Alan Sharpe B2B Direct Mail Tactics
newsletter. Here is a special challenge, and my

 "My biggest challenge in creating ways to live
e-mail is to convince our people that direct marketing
e-mail should be used. This is a very ironic
situation since we are a direct internal email.
Yes, that is clear. IÂ've has said that mail is Â'direct
not good for our business. '

 "Apparently, direct mail has attempted a long time and
had a poor response rate. Another lead our generation
Methods include sales outreach
(exploration, networks, etc) and community
Participation – charities, boards, councils, etc. Our
word of mouth reputation is excellent – we
business for 18 years our response time is
excellent catches of our customer service people are very good,
Our team really knows his stuff. . . . However,
I think the biggest radiation should be done
too. . . Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Â "

Myth # 1: Direct mail does not work for us

The only way to convince management to use Direct
address long-term to generate leads is
demonstrate that the mail is passed to other
methods and increase efficiency another
methods. You can do this by testing and
measurement results.

After all, the phone, not the letter, is the number
One tactic to generate leads for According to direct
Marketing Association's 2005 report the response rate.

Your company sounds like it simply do business in
its only city. Thata why they rely on "networking,
community involvement – charities, boards, councils,
Etc. "These methods of meeting Leads
are not sustainable national or even regional level.
They're too expensive.

Unless your management wants to grow the business
out of their city, or grow the company in a
aggressively in your city, you may have a hard
time trying to convince DM. This is particularly
true if your city is small, because their perspective is the pool
so limited.

Myth # 2: We tried it once and work didnÂ't

You say, an "Apparently, direct mail has tried once again time
and rate. There was a wrong answer "Business-to —
Lead generation business using direct mail is a
program, not a campaign. This is a plan,
year series of emails, and a means test of
measurement methods and results. I would say that
If you have not tried to find the e
at least a couple of years, different tests package
against each other, DEM tests against their other
methods of generating leads, and measure their results
to see what method is the most profitable,
shipments have dropped out prematurely.

Myth # 3: Direct Mail provides an incorrect answer

You say, Â "Apparently, direct mail has tried once again time
and there was an incorrect rate. "Direct Mail
Response rates are misleading if read
incorrectly. Their response rate does not tell
you need to know. It tells you the percentage
people in your list responded, and nothing

Their response rate does not tell you how much
went through to create an advantage. Or how you
had to go to a sale. Your email
the response rate does not tell you if the sales people
followed in the closed roads to all sales. Or if
he has broken even. Or if you made a profit.

So Dona't be fooled by a low response rate. For unless
can measure these things (the cost per lead, the cost
for sales, profitability, return on investment) and the
compare their results face to face
exploration, community participation and other
methods, still based on feelings and
not facts. One thing I like about B2B
Direct e-generation email contacts, it is empirical. The
The numbers never lie. You can count on it.


  1. Show to his head a business case is compelling evidence for the direct generation of e-mails take your company. Calculate the cost per lead, cost per sale, the balance point and ROI. Show the numbers of head of
  2. Start with a list of prospects who have not responded to your other methods, or people you can not reach so otherwise profitable
  3. Think niche. Addressed to a small group of prospects and pursue their business with a campaign of the year, reaching them with more often and in more ways that the seller can not do in one year

I wish you much success!

About the author

Alan Sharpe is a business-to-business direct mail copywriter and lead generation specialist who helps business owners and marketing managers generate leads, close sales and retain customers using business-to-business direct mail marketing. Learn more about his creative direct mail writing services and sign up for free weekly tips like this at http://www.sharpecopy.com [http://www.sharpecopy.com/newsletter]

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