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Marketing Lead Generation
I produce potable water, electricity and cooling at the same time, bio-diesel or solar?

Tricogeneration This technology is called, but seems that even money can buy. It seems that there are many false leads, or on the Internet there are many prototypes that have not reached the market yet. I just spent $ 500,000.00 USD one water treatment plant and a separate diesel generator to run a resort. I would be willing to pay much more for a more progressive system. Someone can put the pieces together and sell me a system that gives you distilled water, electricity and uses waste heat to produce either cooling and / or air conditioning? The need for bio-diesel or solar power generator, which produces fresh water and cooling is essential, as byproduct in most regions of the world. I found a solar desalination plant operating on the Internet in India, but have not yet been able to purchase because of the lack of response from some website contact (very common on the internet). Either they are booked, no do not care or can not perform.V

Excellent long-term strategy, and yes, it is very difficult to shoot BS all around if you're not sure what to look for. I wish I had your budget for upgrades, lol. I did not even know what country you are they do not know if any govt to help offset costs. And I do not know anything about the station of "finances, so do not know what the ROI Green technology is acceptable to you. It should be of environmental engineering, specializing in what he wants, but it would take a lot of "eclectic (?) "Skills gathered under one roof. It is difficult to give definitive answers, not knowing where their complex, ie, a ski resort will have different energy needs of a spa. If you are of Research and freshwater ca suppose it is a seaside resort. Speaking of co-gen … great way to increase the effectiveness of the technology of fossil fuel-based, but really only replace the energy used is wasted. A good example of large scale is the relationship between the generation Bruce A Nuclear Energy and the Center. Some of the waste heat from electricity production is used to heat hectares of greenhouses. Have you thought of a conservatory as a source of CA? Or incorporate green as possible in interiors? You can not completely replace your air conditioning compressor, but will ease the burden. If encorporates water mist system in the green, water droplets absorb heat much, too. It takes more energy to change state water temperature change, so it is a good source of cooling. You can search the terms "latent heat of fusion" and "latent heat of vaporization … (?)" For learn more about the effect. It is a natural form of the CA can reduce their energy consumption. When you say water treatment plant I do not know if you hear the incoming water or exit of the wastewater. If I remember there is a company in Australia (Rowat) took a portable desalination and treatment plants. At first glance, I do not know how their product is compared with other companies. A "solar still can be a water purification method to be considered where appropriate. Solaqua Texas, manufactures a product, but I think we can do better. Nature has many technical elegant solutions to common problems that have been replaced by machines that run on oil. Full of ideas but there is no way of knowing if they apply to your situation. Basically, I think a miniature indoor rain forest to offset the energy needs of your station. I do not think you need to burn bio-diesel. I have other ideas, but it is if you have the money, I had time, if you have the anchor, received the proposal. You can get contact me through my profile.

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