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Leads Generations

The Company

Maak is one of the newest players in the MLM industry. Based in Orem, Utah, believes maak what they feel and live life to the fullest. Maak promotion of natural products for health and wellness. His team is headed by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Davis. Experience Bruce is to help companies to train from scratch. His remarkable ability to bring people leading these companies to be several million dollar businesses. For these, a number of years, Bruce has worked at management level in a software company, providing the infrastructure for MLM companies and their distributors. In all, Bruce has direct knowledge of the industry of network marketing and has a great vision to move maak leader in health and wellness industry.


Prima maak Koopuwa is an antioxidant drink that is full of nutrients. Koopuwa key ingredient is the result of Cupuaçu, delivered "coo-poo-uh-Sue". Cupuaçu The fruit is in the Amazon basin in Brazil Tropical Rain Forest. The Amazon Cupuaçu have used many generations. Koopuwa has vitamin B1, B2 and B3, with amino acids and fats. Koopuwa is very refreshing and it tastes great, too. Natural Cupuaçu stimulates the immune system, fights disease, promotes healthy skin and hair, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, improves energy and neutralizes free radicals in the body. With benefits health, great taste Koopuwa come from a very nice mix of fruit cupuaçu, Acai Berry, pomegranate and cranberries. Maak also 2 additional product called Mxp3 manufacturing Mxp3 proteins and lean proteins, which are weight loss supplement protein shakes.


Maak has an interesting business opportunity for network marketers and home entrepreneurs. Distributors maak This superior product line and a compensation plan amazing. The compensation plan consists of seven ways to make money: Retail and preferred customer sales, team commissions Fast Start Bonus, the Bonus Leadership deck delivery Autoship orders, the team bonus and a generator Leadership Matching Bonus. The compensation plan maak offers potential unlimited and is devised to help you achieve this capability, showing the path to true success.


Maak has a compensation plan with seven stunning tracks to generate money and quality of products higher. Although maak is a new company, with the precise ingredients of influence in the conducting health and wellness industry for many years to come. The truth is maak is a great opportunity, but if you really want to succeed, it will to work hard, stay on track and be consistent. People will continue as a leader if they see that you understand where you're going, and you can prove that you know where to go If you stay constant and the task. In short, getting a clear and coherent vision, remain my friends. See above!

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