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Lead Generation Software
What is the best place to develop the software to do this?

I try to build a site like no http://www.dogtrainersearch.com/ dog training, but I want to be able to have multiple partners a level of payment and be able to make a search for visitors to find these members. Also I am looking for research results to be in a certain order. In other words, say members of the top gold, silver and bronze below. I'm pretty computer, but have no knowledge of what I'm looking for a WYSIWYG editor that can do all that. So what is this kind of place called, ie. a site member and lead, rather than production, and I want to be able to easily create cron cron jobs without knowing. Any help would be great.thank

I think it would very difficult for you to create something like this without any programming knowledge. I suggest you learn PHP and MySQL, or use a script that someone has already created the Search hotscripts.com for database scripts. With regard to cron jobs, your host can usually help – depending on what you want.

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