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Lead Generation Outsourcing

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Lead Generation Outsourcing

I listened to a series of list building and generating opportunities teleclass lately, and many were offered as a telesummit. Telesummit is online virtual conference offers a wide range of speakers in time, as a few days or several weeks. The telesummit is generally organized by topics, such as outsourcing or the production of lead, or for a particular target market, as telesummit online virtual assistants for which I am recently a guest speaker.

Participation in many of these telesummits You must pay a registration fee, but the model I have been there recently, is an important "freedom" model from where they can assist registrants "live" program, but are not able to be in the live call, the only way you can access content is to pay a registration fee for the audio file and PDF transcripts.

What I like is that telesummits are ideal for a sluggish economy. No booking of airlines do not have hotel reservations, no pack, no shuttle, rate of pay, no food to withstand a bad hotel …. Simply led out from the comfort of your home the home of your speakers and the home of its participants. You offer a high value, low cost – a great combination!

In my opinion, such event is a great way to optimize their business. Here are 5 secrets for turbocharging your business online with a telesummit:

1. His list is growing rapidly. Many guests Telesummit report holding a telesummit has helped grow its list of 2,000 to 10,000 or 15,000 or more in a few weeks after participants are required to give your name and email address to receive the call in telesummit information. Best of all, the additions to the mailing list has host are right for your target market. How did this happen? For carefully selected host speakers who market their products and services to a target market and created a similar telesummit around an issue or topic important to your target market. And in an ideal world, which has a large list and is committed to help market the telesummit to this list.

2. Established as the excellence of experts. When organizing an event known speakers, suddenly become the authority or expert in this area. After all, how could you have brought to these experts, if not an expert yourself?

3. It helps you open the door to the value of the joint ventures (joint ventures) and strategic alliances. Once you've invited someone to be a guest at your telesummit, which provided a great service to them by the introduction of other persons who have not heard of them. And if you offer healthy Affiliate Commissions telesummit improvements, we love you because you helped make money without much effort. Assuming that your event was a success and there were no major hiccups in the process, this success has paved the way for future joint ventures and strategic alliances with them. This certainly beats cold call someone to try to talk with them to sell in a JV proposal, is not it?

4. Boost your credibility. Another key factor to accommodate telesummit is that the reputation of the speaker sticks to you as a host. One of the quickest ways to go "without name "to the" big name "in your industry is to invite industry experts to speak on their telesummit. The fact that you now have a connection with the pieces Key in your industry gives you a head increase their own credibility and industry experience.

5. A little money in the process. In addition to the above benefits above, there a number of ways to make some money in this model of free telesummit. First, you propose that each participant can "Upgrade" to all records and transcripts telesummit. Create a price increase period (before vs. after the summit the peak of prices) may encourage participants more expensive. Second, once the telesummit is complete, you can return to your speakers and offer to talk to them a second time only for members of your list. The upsell in the second interview is telesummit recordings and full transcripts, which are paid a commission of hygiene in all packages sold.

Check your business model and see how a telesummit part of the mix. You'll have to start planning for 8-10 weeks in advance, but once you see the results, you may want Your telesummit an annual event.

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