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Lead Generation Form
Do you agree with this theory of the evolution of religion?

The origin of religious belief is a mystery, but scientists in recent years have begun to make suggestions. A prevailing view is that religion is an evolutionary adaptation that makes people more likely survive and transmit their genes to the next generation. In this perspective, common religious beliefs helped our ancestors as compact groups that have collaborated in hunting, foraging and childcare, which allows these groups over others. In this way, theory, religion has been selected by evolution, and eventually permeated all human societies

Ok, once and atheism is growing and all Christians die, it will be natural. Social group is something it has no impact on the evolution of animal groups that stay together are stronger together, and you do not have to escape predators, just to run faster than the slowest of the group. The religion probably developed the technology of the invention once we started to create things, we started thinking In "manufacturer", assuming that everything has been done. Religion does not survive through the company, perhaps because it was killing nonbelievers. Humans have adapted to it and has not changed through it.

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