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Lead Generation Campaigns
No Liberals know what Marxism means?

The average American lives a liberal conservative … work for their families, to invest up on the scale of business …. but they get to feel the "rural" much of the left. Does that mean that the liberal base to know what Marxism – the theory Marx was captialism gives way to socialism on the way to the promised land of communism – an ideology that historically has always failed in a few generations, pull of society into chaos? Or do they care provided free time for that other job?

Here is a flashback … August 14, 2008 Communist Party U.S. Obama supports Obama just keeps piling up the endorsements. Here is a U.S. Communist Party: a large multiracial movement converges multiclass around "Obama hope, change and unity "campaign because they see a great opportunity to end 30 years of extreme right and follow the rule of our nation forward with a progressive agenda in general. This movement combines a variety of diversified political currents and aims of a working coalition that is crucial to social progress at this point. […] The struggle to defeat the far right and turn our country into a positive path will not end with the election of Obama. But this step will move the field of struggle and success for the future. Communist Party's habit of taking money from the Soviet Union to advance the goal of overthrowing the U.S. government and its replacement by a state totalitarian police, allied with the Soviet Union against other democracies. In those days, Frank Marshall Davis was an active member. It has also been a mentor and father figure to a racist, drug-addled, the left-wing punk who grew up (a little) that the Democratic candidate for president entails. So the support is not really a surprise. Under Putin, is apparently trying to revive the Soviet empire, PCUSA funding could go. Undoubtedly, this is good news for the Obama campaign. _____________________________________________ Not pretend to know what these libraries to think, but if they think Obama's policies are not Marxist "Since then, they are ignorant or in denial.

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