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Home Lead Generation
Portugal, who won in '89 (my birth year!) And 91 (at home!) Can we do it again? (U20 WC in Canada) Who will win?

In 89 we reached the summit as a shock to everyone. In '91, Figo, who had the golden generation, who were at home, have scored 14 times against Brazil. Us became the first country to win the European Cup twice, and only after the 2nd Brazil. I think we will increase again this year, I can feel it. I think our young team has been strengthened, Gama know we will win (after winning the U-17 for us in 2003!) Who do you think will win this year? Bruno, who are in this sense. This is the FIFA World Cup U20! Http: / / www.fifa.com/en/comp/matches/0, 3677, U20M2007S11, 00.html I want to tell the age of 17 years! I refer to the sub-20! Thanks touzour Bruno D, it seems that the support of Italy, but throughout the world, lol.

Yes, you can do it again, but must be brought into Spain the past:). Tho lol good luck you Bela! im pulling for the U.S. since I was born here.

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