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Direct Mail Lead Generation

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Direct Mail Lead Generation

Two of the biggest challenges for a company by email generation is attracting attention and lead the creation of attractive offers. A solution also offers a convincing poor failure. And a bunch of poor, with a wonÂ't convince even be open.

An advertiser that has managed to capture attention and make an irresistible offer is Coutts & Co., 15 Lombard Street, London EC1V 9AU, England. One of his employees, Mr. Round RWR, sent a letter only one of the lead generation companies.

Stapled at the top of the letter was a check (or "check, an 'as my American friends would say). The check was drawn on the bank account of the company, and became payable to the beneficiary of the letter, an amount of 25 pounds, but has not been signed.

In the letter, the author presents a simple offer. He will meet with the prospect of 20 minutes blaming a significant pension developed for the legal profession. If the perspective hear the presentation and view the writer has lost the viewpoint, then the writer sign the check and deliver to the prospect, without question.

The letter will provide some credible reasons to explain why the prospect should meet with the writer, the more convincing What is the fact that more than 120 firms lawyers have already benefited from
services Coutts & Co.

This letter is remarkable for several reasons. It has the stopping power. A real control (not a of these other false, so common in direct marketing) with my name would attract attention, at least long enough to motivate you to read the letter and see what was happening.

And the choice is simple to understand. Â "IÂ'll to say, during a meeting of 20-Minute How our pension plan your company, and waste of time, lack of control wonÂ't What is yours for cash without
ado. "

The letter also sells the appointment and not the product (pension schemes) a wise decision in two stages of the sale of items that a seller should not close every sale. In these cases, the purpose of the letter is always to find a buyer does not complete a sale.

You can copy this tactic. Or you could imagine one of yours. If he can get attention and this an attractive offer at the same time, good for you. If CanÂ't, hire a professional.


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