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Customer Lead Generation

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Customer Lead Generation
What should I work as customer service representative on the phone?

I'm 19, and tomorrow I have an interview with a company representative for a customer service position. The only legitimate job working as a barista at Starbucks and others were small under the posts Working from the table (if not included in my resume?). The salary is $ 10.50. Do not hire inexperienced young people? Even if I am "mature" and I think I would really like me look very young (most people think I'm a freshman year of high school …) If they are unwilling to employ a young person like me who have no experience, I will not waste my time driving all over there to be rejected. Thoughts please? The station Work said: "Our company is a call center Forced generation that screens calls before transferring to debt consolidation, Tuition and loan companies Amendment. "My God, I have absolutely no knowledge in these areas.

It's wing hectares just search and do your homework on the company, if you worked at Starbucks you have been dealing with clients face to face basis, one could say that this is similar to the two Companys, even if they sell a different service, which both have a goal of exceeding the expectations usually with clients and the feeling that even if a new field, because this skill will help me to integrate the company and help me work as hard as I definitely jobs can include in your CV, the more jobs you have on your CV shows that you have a lot of work expereince Whether your gutters clean and working as a clown, including work experience.

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