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Business Lead Generation
Why does there appear to be extreme negativity to home business opps.?

A “real” and proven home business opportunity, in the form of network marketing, requires focus, positive thinking, hard work, brain power, creativity, salesmanship, honesty, client service, a high level of personal ethics, dedication to “cold” market lead generation, and consistent follow up with leads. Is there anyone that believes otherwise? I make a very good living at what I am doing, yet the common perception is that it is all a scam!


I’m happy to hear that you are having success, good news is always nice to hear. The problem with the home business is not neccessarily the business itself, but all the scams that commonly do come with them. I have been looking for a home-based business that doesn’t come off as a scam for quite some time. Unfortunately, most opportunities either don’t give enough information (scary, lack of info=bad idea in my opinion), just want your money (several places I’ve tried to contact don’t exist, the “business” was a front to get people to send them money for the idea, or to ‘take over’), or the company you are going to do the work for has lackluster help if any at all. Also, network marketing is a rather new term I think, that used to be called pyramiding, which isn’t allowed anymore. I know the set up is different than the old pyramid idea, but the concept is still kind of the same, and a lot of people never did like the old Amway way of doing things. From what I have seen, as soon as you mention a pay off that is ‘pyramid’ in shape, you will loose people. But, if you fully believe in what you are doing, then don’t worry about the opinions of others, your success will eventually show through and those people will be regretting not hearing you out. Keep up the work, and send me some info on that business!

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